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Title: Be Not Still
Story Continuity: Pandora's Earth
Flavor: Cheesecake 4: who is the knave who put him in his grave?, Mango 30: #@$*!
Extra: Pocky
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Or, how to tell if your day is likely going to be really terrible.

Noel wakes in a river of blood. She's alive. She isn't sure it's something good, but the relief hits her before the smell.

The bodies aren't whole. A family of seven and one clear outsider. She looks down at the neck of the thing below her, at the wire still inside the demon's neck. Her hands are sore and bleeding where they clutch it. The walls move to crush her, and there's a sound in her head like a thousand bombs falling, but her heart is louder.

When she comes to in Atlanta, she will never be still again but for nightmares.

Title: Life On Earth
Story Continuity: Pandora's Earth
Flavor: Cheesecake 23: A lady wouldn't make little snake eyes at me, Mango 20: making ends meet, Blackberry 11: slap on the wrist
Extra: Pocky
Rating: PG
Summary: And this is why Ivan prefers the cinema.

Ivan knew movies, full stop. Conversely, he wasn't really on speaking terms with reality, so when his father was murdered by a wizard, he immediately went to join the wizard cops. And was stuck with arresting hoodoo addicts.

On his second day, his father's killer was caught in California, and it was around then Ivan realized he could have planned his career of vengeance better.

"At least you've got your health," his partner Mary had snapped. After, she had an oddly office-specific rash of bad luck before transferring, and it took Ivan a full week to stop randomly breaking into manic laughter.


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